Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Meet the dancer series: Part Eight!

Hello Bloggers! We have a lot going on at MCB lately! The premier of 'Over the Edge' is just around the corner! The premier is in Sedalia, Mo on November 13th at the Liberty Center. The following weekend, November 20th and 21st, 'Over the Edge' will be preformed at the Blue Note, here in Columbia, MO! For more information check out our monthly Newsletter. Remember if you would like to personally get our newsletter and other updates please join our mailing list. To do this you can just like the "Subscribe" button at the bottom of the "Newsletter" page. You could also share it with your friends! We would like to introduce you to...

Jena Ferrigno

Full name: Jena Marie Ferrigno
Age: 22
Hometown: Springfield, Pennsylvania
College and location: Point Park University; Pittsburgh, PA
Favorite TV show (s): Cupcake Wars, Top Chef, The Office, Friends
Favorite movie: The Departed
Most visited website: Facebook
Favorite places in Columbia: Yogo Luv!
What are some of your expectations for the upcoming year with MCB? I am expecting to grow and improve as a dancer, artist, and as a person. I have had such a positive experience thus far and am looking forward to seeing where the second half of the season takes me.
If you could invite anyone to dinner, living or deceased, who would it be and why? I would invite my Nana and Grandmom. They both passed away when I was young so it would be amazing to update them on the parts of my life they unfortunately missed.
Favorite indulgence: Yogo Luv :)
Craziest moment onstage: The craziest moment on stage happened during a scene in the Nutcracker when the girl dancing beside me fell and popped her knee out of her socket. She was screaming and crying due to the amount of pain she was in. Should we stop to help her or continue dancing? No one knew what do. Luckly the man playing the role of the Nutcracker swooped her into his arms and carried her off stage. The show went on!
What are some things you do in your free time? Relax, watch TV, read, cook, paint my nails.
Words to live by? "Don't Delay Gratification!"

Monday, October 25, 2010

Meet The Dancers Series: Part Seven!

Congratuations to artistic director, Karen Mareck Grundy, for her wonderful premier this weekend in Chicago at the Harris theatre. The piece was titled "Journey In" and dance by Giordano Jazz Dance Chicago! She got a fantastic review that you should definataly read! Review So we are going to move right along with the 'Meet the dancers series.' Today you get a chance to meet....

Elise Mosbacher


Full name: Elise Marie Mosbacher

Age: 22

Hometown: Grand Haven, Michigan

College and location: Grand Valley State University (allendale, mi)

Favorite TV show (s): LOST, Nip tuck, Saturday Night Live, Arrested Development, The Office, Cowboy Bebop, InuYasha, Ranma 1/2, Samurai Champloo

Favorite movie: Spinal Tap and anything with Bruce Campbell, because he is my hero

Favorite book: The Princess Bride

Most visited website: youtube

Favorite places in Columbia: Downtown

What are some of your expectations for the upcoming year with MCB? To grow as an artist and performer: To be pushed and challenged by the artistic staff, choreographers, and fellow dancers, to become more confident in myself as an artist and dancer.

If you could invite anyone to dinner, living or deceased, who would it be and why? Steven Segal and Chuck Norris because I've always been curious to see who would win in a standoff battle ;) And also Jiri Kyllian because he is the most amazing choreographer who produces the most beautiful and abstract work. His way of manipulating the human body is pure genius. 

Favorite indulgence: CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES!!!!!! 

Craziest moment onstage: My most memorable on stage moment was when I had the opportunity to perform the role of Giselle my Freshman year of college. It is my favorite ballet to perform and to watch. The movement and emotion is so tender and delicate. I have always had such respect for Romantic Era ballets. That was the first time I have ever come close to crying on stage because I was so enthralled in the character. It was a truly amazing experience

What do you like to do in your free time? Hang out with my fiancé Heath, play video games, World of Warcraft, play with my cat, watch movies, read, and take naps.

Words to live by? "There is a vitality, a life force, and energy that is translated through you; and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique."
-Martha Graham

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Meet the Dancers Series: Part Six!

Thank you to all that joined us at our cocktail party this past week! It was a great night and we are very thankful to have so much support. There are only a few more dancers in the 'Meet the dancers Series' so do not miss out... meet

Alex Gordon
Full name: Alex Jarrard Gordon
Age: 23
Hometown: Beaumont, TX
College and location: Washington University in St. Louis; STL, MO
Favorite TV show (s): The Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Nurse Jackie, Dexter
Favorite movie: Anything Horror related
Favorite book: It's been a while
Most visited website:
Favorite places in Columbia: Sven's Cafe
What are some of your expectations for the upcoming year with MCB?
I expect to be pushed to a higher level in my dance training. It has been less then two weeks and I already feel like I am learning so much! I am learning to grow as a dancer and an artist.

If you could invite anyone to dinner, living or deceased, who would it be and why?
Ulysses Dove. He is hands down one of my favorite Choreographer and I love his works. Dance for him seemed to be more than just an art. It was a way of life and another way to speak when words were simply not enough. The power, elegance and precision of his pieces make me wanna sit him down and absorb as much brilliance as I can from him.

Favorite indulgence: Chocolate cheesecake

Craziest moment onstage:
Once I had to do an outside performance in a park, at night, on an extremely tilted stage, and the humidity left water all over the stage. There was a point at the beginning of Act 2 were I had to fall off the top of the stage and tumble down to the very tip where the audience was seated, drinking wine and silently watching. I was so nervous that I would slide right off onto a ladies lap that end up sharing her bottle for the night...unfortunately with this story I didn't and all went well but it was least in my head. 

What do you like to do in your free time?
I love to draw and sketch. I'm really just an artist who is looking to express himself. I like to choreograph as well and my friends and I go to the studio and fool around with material. I love to stay active and the outdoors. Hiking and camping are really great.

Words to live by? 
Regret doing it...but make sure you do it. No Regrets!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Meet the Dancers Series: Part Five!

Thank you everyone who came out of Artrageous Friday! We had a blast having people partake in our rehearsals! Now it's time to learn more about......

Genene McGrath  

Full name: Genene Helen McGrath
Age: 22 (23 on October 17th)
Hometown: Jamison, Pa
College and location: Point Park University, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
Favorite TV show (s): Anything on the USA network (starting with NCIS and Burn Notice)
Favorite movie: I have not seen very movies lately that I have been blown away by….any suggestions?
Favorite book: I am currently reading “The Girl who Played with Fire” and I am obsessed!
Most visited website: Facebook
Favorite places in Columbia: Broadway Brewery
How long have you been with the company? This will be my second year with the company.
What are some of your expectations for the upcoming year with MCB? I expect to grow and learn more as a dancer and performer just I had done last year. (I am very excited about that)
What are you looking forward to most this year? I am looking forward to dance with the new members and get to know them as people. Also, I am excited for all of the performances we will be doing in surrounding towns in Missouri!
Craziest or favorite moment of last year.  My favorite moment from last year was working with the musicians for our show “Live”. I have never felt so inspired as I did when I was on stage with Fernando during Karen’s duet “Without Consent.” The combination of dance and music was breathtaking.
What have you done to keep yourself busy since the season was over in May? Over the summer I choreographed a couple pieces for a school in Pennsylvania called International Ballet Theatre. I also spent two weeks in New York attending a summer workshop with Complexions Contemporary Ballet.
Advice for the new dancers.
Work hard and have fun!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Meet the Dancers Series: Part Four

Hello Bloggers! MCB had a fantastic experience with Jennifer Medina last week! Make sure you catch her piece in 'Over the Edge' at the Blue Note November 20th and 21st. Coming up this week is Artrageous Friday! We will open our studio doors from 6-9pm on Friday where you can actually catch a sneak peak of Jennifer Medina's piece and the rest of 'Over the Edge'. Hope to see you there! In the mean time, lets get reacquainted with....

Cassie Roloff!

Full name: Cassondra Nicole Roloff

Age: 20

Hometown: Wausau, WI

Favorite TV show (s): House, How I Met Your Mother, Glee

Favorite movie: How to Train Your Dragon (so cute!)

Favorite book: I love books written by Nora Roberts and also Dean Koontz. I recently started reading Under the Dome by Stephen King and would definitely recommend it!

Most visited website: Facebook

Favorite places in Columbia: Yogoluv!!!

How long have you been with the company?
This is my second season with MCB, but it is my first year as a company member.

What are some of your expectations for the upcoming year with MCB?
I have three expectations:
1. to grow as a dancer and as a person
2. to build new friendships and strengthen old ones
3. to have fun!

What are you looking forward to most this year?
The thing that I am most excited about this year is being choreographed into more works. Since I wasn't a full company member last year I wasn't able to be in as many pieces, and I am really excited to be able to dance much more this year!

Craziest or favorite moment of last year.
A moment of last year that I like to look back on and laugh at would be during one of our performances of ROCK. There was a number where I was supposed to hand an empty coffee cup to one of the dancers onstage (Genene) and then she would dance with it enthusiastically. We had a prop table where I had assumed the cup would be, but Genene (thinking that she was being nice and doing me a favor) had moved the cup to a spot that was RIGHT next to where I stood when I handed it to her. Of course, I never thought to look for the cup there and when I couldn't find it on the prop table, I began to panic. However, there just so happened to be a mostly empty, used coffee cup on the table instead, along with a roll of masking tape. In a quick fix I decided to use this cup and put tape over the holes on the lid so that Genene wouldn't end up with coffee all over her face when she turned the cup upside down.

What have you done to keep your self busy since the season was over in May?
After the season ended in May, I went back home to spend time with my family in Wisconsin. While I was there, I did a lot of teaching for the Wausau Academy of Dance and for the Allegro Regional Dance Theater. I also participated in Introspect Dance Company's performance of "How to Save a Life."

Advice for the new dancers.
Stay strong and keep your chin up! Transitioning to a new place with new people can always be hard, but we are some of the few people who get to do what we love everyday, and that makes those struggles so much easier to get through. You are special and were chosen to be here for a reason, so don't ever forget that! Let's have a great year together!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Meet the Dancers Series: Part Three

Hello!! We hope everyone is having a great week because we know that we are! Jennifer Medina is doing wonderful things in our studio this week and we are all feeling so lucky to have her. But besides Jennifer we want to move on in our Meet the Dancers Series! Today is someone that you should recognize! Meet (again).......

Fernando Rodriguez!

Full name: Fernando A. Rodriguez II
Age: 23
Hometown: Fort Gratiot
College and location: I attended Grand Valley State University in Michigan
Favorite TV show (s): I am engrossed in Dexter, Modern Family and The Gates.
Favorite movie: I really enjoy independent films and Drop Dead Gorgeous always cracks me up!
Favorite book: Of Mice and Men and Siddhartha
Most visited website: A tie for first is between Facebook and Youtube, followed by Google for the occassional spellcheck. (And by occassional I mean ususally, ha)
Favorite places in Columbia: My favorite place to go is Broadway Brewery, I really enjoy the enviorment and menu selection.
How long have you been with the company? This is my second season with MCB. I am very excited to be back!
What are some of your expectations for the upcoming year with MCB? Working with MCB last year was such an amazing experience. All of the artistic staff and dancers are phenominally talented people, I can only expect to enjoy the upcoming year as much as the last.
What are you looking forward to most this year? I am looking forward to working with our guest choreographers and getting to know the new company members. I also look forward to my continuing growth as an artist, dancer and person.
Craziest or favorite moment of last year. My favorite moment last year was performing in MCB's LIVE concert. There is nothing like the feeling you get when dancing to live music! It energizes both the dancer and the audience. It's really great to see that the arts and artist in Columbia collaborating.
What have you done to keep your self busy since the season was over in May? During my time off I was able to perform, take dance classes, work and have a little vacation time. After the season ended in May I performed as a guest artist the next month with the Stephens College Summer Dance Program. I was happy to be performing again and to meet everyone at the Stephens College Summer Dance. I also traveled with a friend (one of the company members), Genene, to her home town in Pennsylvania. It was great to spend vacation time with Genene and her family, we even went to a Phillies baseball game!!!!!
Advice for the new dancers. My advice for the new dancers is to know why you are dancing and to use that passion on stage, as well as in the studio. My favorite places in Columbia are restaurants so let me know if you are ever want to dine out. Enjoy the season!!!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Guest Choreographer!!!!

This week Missouri Contemporary Ballet will be working with Jennifer Medina! We are happy to have her with us again! Check her out!

Jennifer began her dance training in St. Louis, MO with Barbara Craig. She holds a BFA in Dance from the University of Missouri-Kansas City, and an MFA in Dance from the University of Iowa. As a performer, Jennifer has had the privilege of performing the choreography of artists such as: Bill T. Jones, David Parsons, Sean Curran, Hanya Holm, William Whitener, Milton Myers, Fred Benjamin, Kevin “Iega” Jeff, and many others with her time as a performer with the Wylliams-Henry Contemporary Dance Company. As an educator, Jennifer has taught throughout the U.S. at many institutions and festivals, both as regular faculty and a guest artist. Faculty positions include Visiting Assistant Professor of Dance at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, Arias Dance NYC, The Kansas City Ballet School, Webster University, the Glenda Brown Choreography Project,  and multiple studios throughout the NYC area. Guest teaching includes the Virginia School of the Arts, Washington University, Ball State University, RDA Southeast Regional Festival (SERBA), multiple ACDFA festivals, and the Georgia Athletic Health, Recreation and Dance Association. As a choreographer, Jennifer has been presented throughout the U.S. Recent works have been commissioned by the Virginia School of the Arts, Arova Contemporary Ballet (Birmingham, AL), Missouri Contemporary Ballet (collaboration with world famous Jazz musician Bobby Watson), and Independence (invitational performance produced by the Eidolon Ballet Company) at the City Center, NYC. Jennifer was recently invited to teach in the 2011 Alvin Ailey American Dance Center Summer Intensive and choreograph a work on their students. Jennifer is very happy to be back in her hometown sharing her teaching and choreography after a 6 year absence. Look for her new company, Common Thread Dance to premiere in STL this year. 

Jennifer will be with us all week so come by Orr Street studios and grab a snack or coffee at Svens and check out rehearsal! Have a great week!